This is where we tie the marketing tactics to the Go to Market Plan. Here we help you develop a clear and costed programme and schedule of activity that ensures you’re building awareness, gaining credibility, getting the doors open and arming the sales team.

Successful sales and marketing programmes are not based on luck, gut feel or creative flair alone. If you want to be sure you'll need a Blueprint. 

There's no dark art or smoke & mirrors to what we do, it's based on a lot of experience and some well tried and tested models and processes. We'll be happy to explain how it all works over an informal introductory meeting. 

<strong>Hannah Johnson</strong>Account Manager & Digital Marketer for look, touch & feel.Let's start with an informal discussion about your requirements... Call 01327 828 443 today and Hannah will put you in touch with the relevant team member.


<strong>Owen Ashby</strong>Marketing Strategy Expert. Blueprint & Klarifi.<strong>Paul Bevan</strong>Marketing Consultant. Blueprint & Klarifi.<strong>Andrea Ashby</strong>Account Manager for Blueprint & Klarifi.<strong>Saffron Small</strong>Communications Expert. Blueprint & Klarifi.<strong>Simon McFarlane</strong>Senior Developer for Klarifi & LTF.<strong>Denise Pope</strong>Senior Creative for Klarifi & LTF.